* Patients can try NITYR for 30 days, one time, for free, as long as their doctor prescribes it. Subject to terms and conditions, eligibility criteria, and other federal and state law. Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria are available at www.nityr.us/offerstcs

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Tyrosinemia 1:1 Dietitian Support*

Provides specialized dietitians with a resource to further advance understanding of nutritional management for patients with HT-1 from birth to adulthood.

World-renowned clinical expertise available nation-wide, 24/7

Led by Angela Kurtz MS, RD, CDN
Clinical Metabolic Director

One-to-one product support, provided through telephone or video calls, on topics such as:

  • Guidance on creating letters to inform a school about dietary needs
  • Total caloric and protein requirements, and planning the distribution of natural protein allowance through the day
  • Designing a metabolic formula plan and feeding schedule for newborns

* Tyrosinemia 1:1 Dietitian Support: Subject to terms and conditions and eligibility criteria. This program is for registered dietitians and nutritionists who have become metabolic dietitians in the past two years or have not treated a patient with HT-1 before, and is subject to other federal and state law. Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria are available at www.nityr.us/offerstcs.

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