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30-Day Free NITYR Program: Experience NITYR

Try. Compare. Decide.

Give your patients an opportunity to try the NITYR Experience, compare it to their current nitisinone medication and decide if NITYR is right for them – all without any interference at any level to their current NTBC supply.

Start your patients on NITYR today with the 30-Day Free NITYR Program*
• No financial obligation
• No commitment necessary
• No impact to your patient’s current nitisinone supply

  • The 30-Day Free NITYR Program will give your patients an opportunity to decide if NITYR is right for them.

    NITYR is bioequivalent to Orfadin** capsules and has been clinically proven to have the same efficacy, safety and side effects, but may offer your patients greater convenience.1 NITYR Tablets are also very small2 (baby aspirin sized), tasteless and can be taken with or without food. Participating in the 30-Day Free NITYR Program won’t stop the delivery of your patients’ current nitisinone and they can switch back to their current nitisinone at any time during the trial, with no impact on their treatment.

    If your patients take part in the free program they will need to take NITYR instead of their current nitisinone treatment, and should not take both medications. Patients should always take their nitisinone medication following your advice.

  • What to expect from the 30-Day Free NITYR Program

    During the 30-Day Free NITYR Program your patient will receive:

    • A 30 day supply of NITYR (nitisinone) Tablets delivered to their door
    • Calls from our NITYR Patient Liaison Support and calls to discuss NITYR and how to administer the medication
    • The results of a Benefit Investigation to inform you and your patient about the coverage provided by their insurance
    • A Patient Initiation Kit to provide key items and further information on NITYR, how to administer the medication and living with Hereditary Tyrosinemia Type 1
      If you or your patient have any questions during the program, our support team is available – simply call: 1-800-847-8714.
  • Experience NITYR: how to enroll a patient

    If you have a patient who would like to sign up to the 30-Day Free NITYR Program, you will need to complete the enrollment form which can be found here . If you have any questions on how to enroll your patients please call the NITYR Patient Support Team.

*Free NITYR Program: Patients can try NITYR for 30 days, one time, for free, as long as their doctor prescribes it. Subject to terms and conditions, eligibility criteria, and other federal and state law. Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria are available at**Orfadin is a registered trademark licensed by Sobi, Inc. or its affiliates.
References: 1.Data on file: NIT/02/20. 2. Data on file: NIT/03/18.

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